Lamb with great taste 

Locally produced meat with fabulous taste!

Local ingredients taste best!

Of course the food tastes extra good when you know that the animals were well and where you can see the crops grow. Our range varies according to the season and therefore we recommend that you follow us on our social media so as not to miss anything.

You are of course welcome to visit our store during our opening hours or order via our form further down the page. You choose the date for collection outside the store from 17.00

Lamb meat

Lamb ribs are really good to put on the grill! By either pre-cooking them or letting them go in the oven, you get them really tender and only need to give them the last touch of glaze on the grill. 

Our own homegrown garlic

Garlic and lamb are a must! In our grill box, you get our home-grown garlic that you can "prep" your steak with before cooking. We also sell fine garlic braids that are well suited to give away as a gift.

Lamb toast for easter

If you want to be sure to get a roast lamb for Easter, you must order well in advance. The roasts are juicy and feel best cooked at a low temperature for a long time.

Lamb mince & other pieces

Our minced meat is popular with meatballs or why not Greek feta cheese-filled minced meat skewers to put on the grill! You will also find burgers, legumes, fillets and entrails in our freezer.

Lamb In Our Freezer

Lamb ribs

About SEK 160/packaging

Roast of Lamb

About SEK 375 /packaging

Lamb Shank

About SEK 100/packaging

Rack of Lamb

About SEK 300/packaging

Lamb Mince

About SEK 98/packaging

Lamb Tenderloin

About 300 g. SEK 170

Sheep In our Freezer

Inner Tenderloin

About SEK 260/packaging

Outer Tenderloin

About SEK 210/packaging

Steak of Sheep

About SEK 330/packaging

Sheep Mince

About SEK 80/packaging

Top Side

About SEK 210/packaging


Hot smoked, seasoned with garlic and basil, 6 sausages, SEK 138/item

Order your food

Feel free to order via our form. Choose a date for pick & collect outside the store from 17.00. You will receive a confirmation via email when your order is ready. Payment is made by debit card or swish at the time of your pick & collect date.


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