A farm shop to long for

Locally produced leather & wool products in the middle of the Bjäre Peninsula!

Beautiful gifts made of wool!

Buy cuddly skins and gifts in our farm shop. All lamb skins that we have for sale come from the farm's own lambs and ewes. We always have skins at home and if you want to come and look at them, so get in touch and we can book a time that can come and look and feel the skins.

Our shop is open Saturday and Sunday. 11-15 

Wool wreath 

A beautiful door decoration that stands all year round. The wool fiber has a natural protection against moisture and and therefore the wreath keeps the style for a long time.

Sheep skins

Each skin is unique, no two are alike. It can go from very light gray to dark gray, almost black. Skins from lambs more often have an even shade, while skins from the adult animals are more mottled in color, usually with a black eel on the back.

Wool decorations in greyscale 

Felt wool decorations in gray scale give a solid impression and are a stylish and environmentally friendly interior detail. Hang them up, place them on a plate or in your flowerpot.

Wool decorations with color

Of course we have dyed felted wool decorations as well. Nice to put in for Easter decoration or in the Christmas tree, but also to decorate with in different ways all year round.


Wool wreath with curls

 15 - 25 cm in diameter

From SEK 180 /wreath

Wool wreath  carded

20 - 35 cm in diameter

From SEK 290/wreath

Wool decorations greyscale 

Light grey and dark grey

SEK 22 /piece

Cool decorations colored

 purple, pink,yellow, green and blue

SEK 22 /piece

Lamb skins

From SEK 2600

Sheep skins

From SEK 2800

Order your wool crafts here

Feel free to order via our form. Choose a date for pick & collect outside the store from 5 PM. You will receive a confirmation via email when your order is ready. Payment is made by debit card or swish at the time of pick & collect.

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