About us

Our History

Our dream place is located in a village called Påarp, it is located between Båstad and Torekov. We have chosen to call it "Äpplelunden", as there is an old fruit orchard with about 200 old trees! Here we live Annalotta, Markus and Maja together with our four-legged family members Border Collies Busyborder Tilly and Siv.

Äpplelunden's farm does not have that long history yet. It all started in 2013 when my partner and I bought 10 hectares of land. We received a building permit in 2014 and then started the construction of our residential house. We built on all the free time, evenings and weekends with the help of relatives and friends. The house was completed 1.5 years later!

There are currently 30 ewes on the farm. There are purebred Gotland ewes and some Finndorset ewes, which is a cross between fine wool and dorset.

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